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IEC PAS 62569-1:2009

IEC PAS 62569-1:2009

Generic specification of information on products - Part 1: Principles and methods

2009-06-17 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
IEC/PAS 62569-1:2009(E) is intended as the first part of a standard series defining methods and guidelines for the establishing of generic electronic specifications of information for products (including plants, systems, equipment or components, in the following all called products), along its life cycle for later use e.g. in the procurement, operating and maintenance. The IEC 62569 series provides qualifiers to be used in addition to the properties considering life cycle and other aspects. It is a prerequisite for the other parts of this series. The IEC 62569 series is prepared to transfer the former paper-based applications of blank detail specifications or product descriptions towards supporting the electronic business allowing the evaluation and management of described items by computers. IEC 62569 Series provides principles and methods for the specification of products by properties, e.g. in data sheets. It uses data element types defined in the data dictionary of IEC 61360.
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