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IEC TR 80001-2-3:2012

IEC TR 80001-2-3:2012

Application of risk management for IT-networks incorporating medical devices - Part 2-3: Guidance for wireless networks

2012-07-10 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC/TR 80001-2-3:2012(E), which is a technical report, supports the Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO) in the risk management of medical IT-networks that incorporate one or more wireless links. The report, as part of IEC 80001, considers the use of wirelessly networked medical devices on a medical IT-network and offers practical techniques to address the unique risk management requirements of operating wirelessly enabled medical devices in a safe, secure and effective manner. The targeted audience for this technical report is the HDO IT department, biomedical and clinical engineering departments, risk managers, and the people responsible for design and operation of the wireless IT network.
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