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IEC TR 62834:2013

IEC TR 62834:2013

IEC nanoelectronics standardization roadmap

2013-09-17 /Vigente
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IEC/TR 62834:2013(E), which is a technical report, describes the "IEC nanoelectronics standardization roadmap". It intends to establish a common standardization strategy in the area of nano-electrotechnology. It covers the standardization plan from 2009 to 2020 for nanomaterials, nanoscale devices, and nanofabrication processes. The report starts with a situation assessment of the market, the actual technology status, and future evolution. It provides later the list of potential standards to be developed within the concerned timeframe. The goal of this technical report is to build a consensus among members of the nano-electrotechnology community on a framework leading to inputs for consideration in standards development.
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