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IEC TS 62647-23:2013

IEC TS 62647-23:2013

Process management for avionics - Aerospace and defence electronic systems containing lead-free solder - Part 23: Rework and repair guidance to address the implications of lead-free electronics and mixed assemblies

2013-10-07 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC/TS 62647-23:2013(E) provides technical background, procurement guidance, engineering procedures, and guidelines to assist organizations reworking/repairing aerospace and high performance electronic systems, whether they were assembled or previously reworked/repaired using traditional alloys such as Sn-Pb or Pb-free alloys, or a combination of both solders and surface finishes. This document contains a review of known impacts and issues, processes for rework/repair, focused to provide the technical structure to allow the repair technician to execute the task. This document focuses on the removal and replacement of piece parts. The information contained within this document is based on the current knowledge of the industry at the time of publication.
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