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IEC TS 62492-2:2013

IEC TS 62492-2:2013

Industrial process control devices - Radiation thermometers - Part 2: Determination of the technical data for radiation thermometers

2013-04-25 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC/TS 62492-2:2013(E) applies to radiation thermometry and addresses all technical data specified in IEC/TS 62492-1. It defines standard test methods which can be used by the end user of radiation thermometers to determine or confirm the fundamental metrological data of radiation thermometers with one wavelength range and one measurement field. It facilitates comparability and testability. Therefore, unambiguous test methods are stipulated for determining technical data, under standardised measuring conditions that can be performed by a sufficiently skilled end user to serve as standard performance criteria for instrument evaluation or selection.
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