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IEC TR 62878-2-8:2021

IEC TR 62878-2-8:2021

Device embedding assembly technology - Part 2-8: Guidelines - Warpage control of active device embedded substrate

2021-07-07 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TR 62878-2-8:2021(E) describes a warpage control of active device embedded substrate along with parameters for determining warpage, which are useful during package assembly. Warpage results are explained using warpage driving force, resistance and neutral axis, for typical die embedded substrate, where the discrete active dies are placed in the core of substrate and interconnected to the substrate by direct Cu bonding. The same principles are applicable in other device embedded substrates. Even though the detailed structure of other device embedded substrates might be different, the origin and determination of the parameters of warpage are the same and thus the purpose of this report is to help engineers improve the warpage behaviours of their products by applying this principle.
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