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IEC 62106-9:2021

IEC 62106-9:2021

Radio Data System (RDS) - VHF/FM sound broadcasting in the frequency range from 64,0 MHz to 108,0 MHz - Part 9: RBDS - RDS variant used in North America

2021-05-20 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC 62106-9:2021 specifies the Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS), which is an RDS-compatible variant used in countries of North America. RBDS was first standardized by the U.S. National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) in 1993 and subsequently revised in 1998, 2004, 2005 and 2011 . With the publication of this edition of IEC 62106, the RDS and RBDS standards are now harmonized into a single document. The frequency range of operation (64,0 MHz to 108,0 MHz as indicated by the title of this document) varies according to regional regulatory authority. The U.S. range is 88 MHz to 108 MHz, as set by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.
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