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IEC TR 62977-5-2:2021

IEC TR 62977-5-2:2021

Electronic displays - Part 5-2: Visual assessment - Colour discrimination according to viewing direction

2021-03-11 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TR 62977-5-2:2021, which is a Technical Report, describes the visual assessment method of the viewing direction characteristics of display devices. This document reviews the visual assessment of viewing direction by using special test patterns to estimate colour changes, image structure, and image luminance.
Experimental results are shown to reveal the effectiveness of this kind of visual assessment.
This method is a valuable tool for identifying image quality issues, but physical measurements will be used to confirm display performance specifications.
NOTE The visual assessment results will depend on the test pattern parameters and display setup conditions. As the viewing direction changes, characteristics such as contrast ratio, resolution, and device colour-shift simultaneously change in the perceived image.
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