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IEC SRD 63234-2:2020

IEC SRD 63234-2:2020

Economic evaluation of active assisted living services - Part 2: Example of use - Monitoring patients with chronic diseases

2020-02-19 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC SRD 63234-1:2020 provides a descriptive framework and template for the economic evaluation of the implementation of technology-supported home healthcare, wellness or AAL services. IEC SRD 63234-2:2020 provides an example of the use of the framework, specifically analysis and economic evaluation of the implementation of technology-supported, remote, in-home monitoring of patients (AAL care recipients) with chronic diseases.
This analysis is completed from the point of view of the healthcare system/services funder (e.g. the government in a state-sponsored healthcare system or possibly a health management/health insurance company in a privately funded system).
This document is structured like IEC SRD 63234-1:2020, to provide a means of capturing data for the Reference Scenario (the current means of providing care, also known as 'usual care', to the target population of members of the population with one or more chronic diseases living at home), compared against an Alternate Scenario (the deployment of an AAL service which provides remote patient monitoring). Standard economic measures have been estimated (using an electronic spreadsheet) including Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), and Payback Period of the investment.
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