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IEC TR 63211-2-12:2020

IEC TR 63211-2-12:2020

Durability test methods for electronic displays - Part 2-12: Environmental tests - Environmental conditions of use, storage and transportation of electronic displays

2020-02-07 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TR 63211-2-12:2020(E) provides data and information on the environmental conditions when electronic displays are used, stored and transported.
This document covers the temperature, relative humidity and light of the environment of electronic displays.
The information provided by this document is related to the following electronic displays:
  1. indoor displays for consumer homes and offices, such as TVs or PC monitors,
  2. indoor displays for commercial applications, such as signage and show cases,
  3. mobile displays, such as smartphones, tablets, e-books and mobile PCs,
  4. wearable displays, such as eyewear displays and smart watches,
  5. in-vehicle displays, and
  6. outdoor displays, such as signage for public information and advertising.
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