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IEC 61784-5-18:2018

IEC 61784-5-18:2018

Industrial communication networks - Profiles - Part 5-18: Installation of fieldbuses - Installation profiles for CPF 18

Réseaux de communication industriels - Profils - Partie 5-18: Installation des bus de terrain - Profils d'installation pour CPF 18

2018-08-30 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC 61784-5-18:2018 specifies the installation profiles for CPF 18 (SafetyNETp).
This contribution contains a number of related files covering the communication profiles to be used with IEC 61918.
This installation profile documents contained herewith provide the installation profiles of the communication profiles (CP) of a specific communication profile family (CPF) by stating which requirements of IEC 61918 fully apply and, where necessary, by supplementing, modifying, or replacing the other requirements. The installation profiles are specified in Annex A. This annex is read in conjunction with IEC 61918. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) alignment with IEC 61918;
b) addition of new connector (LC).
Resumen (francés):
L'IEC 61784-5-18:2018 définit les profils d'installation pour la CPF 18 (SafetyNETp).
Les profils d'installation sont spécifiés à l'Annexe A. Cette annexe est lue conjointement avec l'IEC 61918:2018.

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