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IEC PAS 63125:2017

IEC PAS 63125:2017

Clothes washing machines for commercial use - Methods for measuring the performance

2017-06-27 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC PAS 63125:2017(E) specifies methods for measuring the performance of clothes washing machines for commercial use utilizing cold and/or hot water supplies and without heating or with heating devices for electricity, steam or gas. It also deals with appliances for both washing and drying textiles (washer-dryers) with respect to their washing-related functions. This PAS covers top, front and side-loaded non-household washing machines with horizontal or vertical axes and with one or more wash compartments.
The object is to state and define the principal performance characteristics of non-household washing machines and to describe the test methods for measuring these characteristics.
Non household tumble dryer performance is assessed to CLC/TS 50594.
This PAS does not apply to continuous batch washing machines (e.g. tunnel washers) or washing machines only possible to operate with automatic loading and unloading.
This PAS does not specify safety requirements for non-household washing machines. Safety requirements are specified in EN 50571 and the EN ISO 10472 series.
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