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IEC TS 63156:2021

IEC TS 63156:2021

Photovoltaic systems - Power conversion equipment performance - Energy evaluation method

2021-02-04 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TS 63156:2021 describes the procedure for evaluating the energy conversion performance of stand-alone or grid-connected power conversion equipment (PCE) used in PV systems. This procedure includes the calculation of inverter performance to anticipate the energy yield of PV systems. This evaluation method is based on standard power efficiency calculation procedures for PCE found in IEC 61683 and IEC 62891, but provides additional methods for evaluating the expected overall energy efficiency for a particular location given solar load profiles. This document can be used as the energy evaluation method for PCE in IEC TS 61724-3, which defines a procedure for evaluating a PV system’s actual energy production relative to its modeled or expected performance.
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