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IEC TR 62453-51-20:2017

IEC TR 62453-51-20:2017

Field device tool (FDT) interface specification - Part 51-20: Communication implementation for common object model - IEC 61784 CPF 2

2017-06-15 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TR 62453-51-20:2017(E) provides information for integrating the CIP™ technology into the COM-based implementation of FDT interface specification (IEC TR 62453-41). The Communication Profile Family 2 (commonly known as CIP™ defines communication profiles based on IEC 61158-2 Type 2, IEC 61158-3-2, IEC 61158-4-2, IEC 61158-5-2, and IEC 61158-6-2, IEC 62026-3. The basic profiles CP 2/1 (ControlNet™, CP 2/2 (EtherNet/IP™, and CP 2/3 (DeviceNet™1) are defined in IEC 61784-1 and IEC 61784-2. An additional communication profile (CompoNet™),also based on CIP™, is defined in [15]. This document specifies implementation of communication and other services based on IEC 62453-302.

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