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IEC 61400-25-4:2008

IEC 61400-25-4:2008

Wind turbines - Part 25-4: Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants - Mapping to communication profile

2008-08-28 /Anulada
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IEC 61400-25-4:2008(E) specifies the specific mappings to protocol stacks encoding the messages required for the information exchange between a client and a remote server for data access and retrieval, device control, event reporting and logging, publisher/subscriber, self-description of devices (device data dictionary), data typing and discovery of data types. Covers several mappings, one of which shall be selected in order to be compliant with this part of IEC 61400-25. The IEC 61400-25 series is designed for a communication environment supported by a client-server model. Three areas are defined, that are modelled separately to ensure the scalability of implementations: wind power plant information model, information exchange model, and mapping of these two models to a standard communication profile.

This publication is of high relevance for Smart Grid.
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