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IEC TR 61289:2011

IEC TR 61289:2011

High frequency surgical equipment - Operation and maintenance

2011-11-22 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
IEC/TR 61289:2011(E) is a technical report giving guidelines to personnel in charge of operating high frequency surgical equipment covered by IEC 60601-2-2. It intends enabling them to attain the best conditions of safety and efficiency for their patients and themselves. It will also be useful to scientific/technical staff having responsibility for the maintenance of this equipment. This report assumes that the electrical installation of high frequency surgical equipment meets national and local regulations for medically used rooms. However, the guidelines in this report will still be helpful in utilizing devices not meeting the minimum requirements of current international standards. IEC/TR 61289:2011 cancels and replaces IEC/TR 61289-1:1994 and IEC/TR 61289-2:1994. It constitutes a technical revision and a combination.
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