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IEC 61249-3-3:1999

IEC 61249-3-3:1999

Materials for printed boards and other interconnecting structures - Part 3-3: Sectional specification set for unreinforced base materials, clad and unclad (intended for flexible printed boards) - Adhesive coated flexible polyester film

Matériaux pour circuits imprimés et autres structures d'interconnexion - Partie 3-3: Collection de spécifications intermédiaires pour les matériaux de base non renforcés, recouverts ou non (prévus pour les circuits imprimés flexibles) - Film flexible de polyester à revêtement adhésif

1999-02-10 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
Gives requirements for flexible polyester (PETP) films coated on one side or both with polyester, acrylic or epoxide type adhesive for use in the fabrication of flexible printed wring. Films coated on only one side are used as a coverlay or covercoat in the fabrication of flexible printed wiring. This coverlay or covercoat is also used to provide local support to areas subjected to mechanical or environmental stress. Films coated on both sides are used as bonding films in the fabrication of printed boards.
Resumen (francés):
Donne les prescriptions pour les films flexibles de polyester recouverts d'un adhésif de type polyester, acrylique ou époxyde destinés à la fabrication des câblages imprimés souples.

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