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IEC TR 63084:2017

IEC TR 63084:2017

Nuclear power plants - Instrumentation and control important to safety - Platform qualification for systems important to safety

2017-06-15 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TR 63084:2017(E) provides an assessment framework and activities for efficient and transparent qualification of I&C platforms for use in nuclear applications important to safety, according to nuclear standards and state of the art. The assessment aims at a pre-qualification of I&C platforms outside the framework of a specific plant design. Qualification is assumed to be pre-requisite for allowing the particular I&C platform to be used for implementation of the safety classified I&C system. It is to enable parties implementing particular plant specific I&C systems to concentrate on application functions, while for basic system functions to rely on platform qualification. Basic means of equipment qualification, as prescribed by the IEC/IEEE 60780-323, are through analysis, type testing and documented operational experience. Other documents applicable for qualification for nuclear use include IEC 61513, IEC 60880, IEC 62138, IEC 62566, IEC 62671 and IEC 61226.
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