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IEC TR 62396-8:2020

IEC TR 62396-8:2020

Process management for avionics - Atmospheric radiation effects - Part 8: Proton, electron, pion, muon, alpha-ray fluxes and single event effects in avionics electronic equipment - Awareness guidelines

2020-04-28 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC 62396-8:2020 is intended to provide awareness and guidance with regard to the effects of small particles (that is, protons, electrons, pions and muon fluxes) and single event effects on avionics electronics used in aircraft operating at altitudes up to 60 000 feet (18 300 m). This is an emerging topic and lacks substantive supporting data. This document is intended to help aerospace or ground level electronic equipment manufacturers and designers by providing awareness guidance for this new emerging topic.
Details of the radiation environment are provided together with identification of potential problems caused as a result of the atmospheric radiation received. Appropriate methods are given for quantifying single event effect (SEE) rates in electronic components.
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