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IEC TS 62861:2017

IEC TS 62861:2017

Guidelines for principal component reliability testing for LED light sources and LED luminaires

2017-03-03 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TS 62861:2017(E) This Technical Specification provides guidelines for establishing confidence in product reliability using principal component testing for LED light sources and LED luminaires for general lighting. It includes methods and criteria using initial qualification tests and accelerated stress tests of the principal components. The performance of any principal component will influence the performance of the final product.
Techniques to validate full lifetime claims and lumen maintenance projection are outside the scope of this Technical Specification. The following principal components are included in the testing if they are used as an integral part for the LED light source or LED luminaire:
- LED package and interconnects;
- optical materials;
- electronic subassemblies;
- cooling systems, both active (e.g. fans) and passive (e.g. thermal interface material);
- construction materials.
This Technical Specification is not recommended for use as a normative reference to the LED product performance standards.
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