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IEC 62702-1-2:2017

IEC 62702-1-2:2017

Audio archive system - Part 1-2 : BD disk and data migration for long-term audio data storage

2017-11-07 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC 62702-1-2:2017(E) specifies a method of data-quality assurance for writable disks which are specified for long-term data storage, and a data migration method, which can sustain the recorded data on disks for long-term audio data preservation. The writable disks include Blu-ray Disk (BD) Recordable disk and BD Rewritable disk.
This document specifies the physical and logical aspects for a standard of audio archives of various storage types which are typically used for audio archives in markets.
The IEC 62702 series consists of:
- IEC 62702-1, which specifies the minimum requirements on physical aspects of optical disks for digital sound recordings; IEC 62702-1-1 specifies requirements for DVD optical disks, IEC 62702-1-2 specifies requirements for BD optical disks.
- IEC 62702-2, which specifies the minimum requirements for digitization of content, format of digitized content, content information and media inspection.
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