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IEC SRD 62559-4:2020

IEC SRD 62559-4:2020

Use case methodology - Part 4: Best practices in use case development for IEC standardization processes and some examples for application outside standardization

2020-03-27 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC SRD 62559-4:2020 specifies best practices for an entity to engage in a use cases redaction process to determine and describe their user requirements for systems, based on the business needs. It complements the information in IEC TR 62559-1, IEC 62559-2 and IEC 62559-3 by providing users with best practices in:
- use cases drafting process,
- determining the skill sets of the people required,
- use case repository management, and
- using use cases for IEC or enterprise projects.
Resumen (francés):

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