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ISO/IEC 24770-61:2015

ISO/IEC 24770-61:2015

Information technology - Real Time Locating System (RTLS) device performance test methods - Part 61: Low rate pulse repetition frequency Ultra Wide Band (UWB) air interface

2015-09-28 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
ISO/IEC 24770-61:2015 defines the test methods for determining the performance characteristics of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) real time locating system (RTLS) equipment including tags and readers which are applicable to the selection of equipment that conforms to ISO/IEC 24730-6 for specific applications. It does not apply to the testing in relation to regulatory or similar requirements.

The RTLS equipment performance parameters included in ISO/IEC 24770-61:2015 only include the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio frequencies link between tags and readers. Unless otherwise specified, the tests in ISO/IEC 24770-61:2015 apply exclusively to RTLS equipment defined in ISO/IEC 24730-6.

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