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IEC 62153-4-4:2015

IEC 62153-4-4:2015

Metallic communication cable test methods - Part 4-4: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Test method for measuring of the screening attenuation as up to and above 3 GHz, triaxial method

2015-04-29 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC 62153-4-4:2015(E) describes a test method to determine the screening attenuation as of metallic communication cable screens. Due to the concentric outer tube, measurements are independent of irregularities on the circumference and outer electromagnetic field. A wide dynamic frequency range can be applied to test even super-screened cables with normal instrumentation from low frequencies up to the limit of defined transversal waves in the outer circuit at approximately 4 GHz. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in 2006 and constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
- Impedance matching adapters are no longer required when measuring devices have a characteristic impedance different from the characteristic impedance of the test equipment;
- The reflection loss due to a mismatch is taken into account by a (calculated) correction factor.
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