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IEC 61918:2007

IEC 61918:2007

Industrial communication networks - Installation of communication networks in industrial premises

Réseaux de communication industriels - Installation des réseaux de communication dans les locaux industriels

2007-12-14 /Anulada
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IEC 61918:2007 It specifies basic requirements for the installation of media for communication networks in industrial premises and within and between the automation islands, of industrial sites. This standard covers balanced and optical fibre cabling. It also covers the cabling infrastructure for wireless media, but not the wireless media itself. Additional media are covered in IEC 61784-5 series. It provides guidelines that cope with the critical aspects of the industrial automation area (topologies, climatic conditions, vibrations, chemical pollution, EMC, functional safety, security, etc.). It deals with the roles of planner, installer, verifier, and acceptance test personnel, administration and maintenance personnel and specifies the relevant responsibilities and/or gives guidance. The contents of the corrigendum of February 2009 have been included in this copy.
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