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IEC 61850-8-1:2004

IEC 61850-8-1:2004

Communication networks and systems in substations - Part 8-1: Specific Communication Service Mapping (SCSM) - Mappings to MMS (ISO 9506-1 and ISO 9506-2) and to ISO/IEC 8802-3

2004-05-25 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
Specifies a method of exchanging time-critical and non-time-critical data through local-area networks by mapping ACSI to MMS and ISO/IEC 8802-3 frames. MMS services and protocol are specified to operate over full OSI and TCP compliant communications profiles. The use of MMS allows provisions for supporting both centralized and distributed architectures. This standard includes the exchange of real-time data indications, control operations, report notification.

This publication is of core relevance for Smart Grid.
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