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IEC 60898:1995

IEC 60898:1995

Electrical accessories - Circuit-breakers for overcurrent protection for household and similar installations

Petit appareillage électrique - Disjoncteurs pour la protection contre les surintensités pour installations domestiques et analogues

1995-02-22 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
Applies to a.c. air-break circuit-breakers for operation at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, having a rated voltage not exceeding 440 V (between phases), a rated current not exceeding 125 A and a rated short-circuit capacity not exceeding 25 000 A. These circuit-breakers are intended for the protection against overcurrents of wiring installations of buildings and similar applications; they are designed for use by uninstructed people and for not being maintained. Also applies to circuit-breakers having more than one rated current, provided that the means for changing from one discrete rating to another is not accessible in normal service and that the rating cannot be changed without the use of a tool.
Resumen (francés):
S'applique aux disjoncteurs à coupure dans l'air pour courant alternatif à 50 Hz ou 60 Hz, de tension assignée ne dépassant pas 440 V (entre phases), de courant assigné ne dépassant pas 125 A et d'un pouvoir de coupure assigné ne dépassant pas 25 000 A.

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