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IEC 60147-1:1963

IEC 60147-1:1963

Essential ratings and characteristics of semiconductor devices and general principles of measuring methods - Part 1: Essential ratings and characteristics

Valeurs limites et caractéristiques essentielles des dispositifs à semiconducteurs et principes généraux des méthodes de mesures - Partie 1: Valeurs limites et caractéristiques essentielles

1963-01-01 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
This second edition supersedes IEC 147-1 (1963) and 147-1A (1963). Provides for each type of semiconductor device a list of essential ratings and characteristics, the primary purpose of which is to facilitate comparison between similar products. This part deals with low-power signal diodes (including switching); voltage reference and voltage regulator diodes; low power, signal, bipolar transistors; power bipolar transistors (excluding switching and high-frequency applications); switching bipolar transistors; field effect transistors.
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