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IEC 60115-4:1978

IEC 60115-4:1978

Fixed resistors - Part 4: Sectional specification - Fixed power resistors: Selection of methods of test and general requirements

Résistances fixes - Partie 4: Spécification intermédiaire - Résistances fixes de puissance: Choix des méthodes d'essai et règles générales

1978-01-01 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
This publication also bears a QC number. This number, QC 400200, is the specification number in the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ). Relates to fixed resistors with rated dissipations greater than 1 W up to 1 000 W which are provided with a cover or coating for environmental protection. Prescribes preferred ratings and characteristics and selects from IEC 115-1 appropriate Quality Assessment procedures, tests and measuring methods. Gives general performance requirements.
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