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IEC 60092-501:2007

IEC 60092-501:2007

Electrical installations in ships - Part 501: Special features - Electric propulsion plant

2007-08-09 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
This part of IEC 60092 specifies requirements for all electric propulsion plant and gives the specifications, system design, installation and testing of at least :-generators and their prime movers;-switchboards;-transformers/reactors;-semiconductor convertors;-propulsion motors;-excitation systems;-control, monitoring and safety systems;-wires, cables, busbars, trunking systems. This edition included the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a)-requirements regarding system responsibility, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), harmonic distorsion and filtering, special requirements for ships with propulsion motor(s) and podded drives, and power management system (PMS); b)-overall technical review to update the standard according to general requirements and referenced equipment standards.
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