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IEC TS 62229:2017

IEC TS 62229:2017

Multimedia systems and equipment - Multimedia e-publishing and e-book - Conceptual model for multimedia e-publishing

2017-05-11 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC TS 62229:2017(E) describes a conceptual model for multimedia e-publishing and e-book. The conceptual model is specified from the standardization point of view in order to clarify the functionality of e-publishing/e-book components and the relationships between them and to define e-publishing services. The model provides the key technology to be standardized in the e-publishing environment. The modelling is not intended for actual implementation of a system or system components for e-publishing. The modelling is expected to be used as a reference for discussing and developing new standardization work on multimedia e-publishing and e-books and, therefore, to contribute to the expansion of the international and domestic markets for multimedia e-publishing and e-book.
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