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IEC TS 63144-1:2020

IEC TS 63144-1:2020

Industrial process control devices - Thermographic cameras - Part 1: Metrological characterization

2020-04-20 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
IEC 63144-1:2020(E) applies, in the field of metrology, to the statement and testing of technical data in datasheets and instruction manuals for thermographic cameras that are used to measure the temperature of surfaces. This includes, unless otherwise stated, both two-dimensional and one-dimensional (line cameras or line scanners) temperature measuring instruments, independently of the scanning principle (fixed multi-element detector or scanning camera system).
This document describes standard test methods to determine relevant metrological data of thermographic cameras. Manufacturers and sellers can choose relevant data and can state that the data shall be compliant with this Technical Specification.
Resumen (francés):

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