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ISO/IEC 29794-1:2016

ISO/IEC 29794-1:2016

Information technology - Biometric sample quality - Part 1: Framework

2016-01-07 /Vigente
Resumen (inglés):
ISO/IEC 29794-1:2016, for any or all biometric sample types as necessary, establishes the following:
- terms and definitions that are useful in the specification and use of quality metrics;
- purpose and interpretation of biometric quality scores;
- encoding of quality data fields in biometric data interchange formats;
- methods for developing biometric sample datasets for the purpose of quality score normalisation;
- format for exchange of quality algorithm results;
- methods for aggregation of quality scores.

The following are outside the scope of ISO/IEC 29794-1:2016:
- specification of minimum requirements for sample, module, or system quality scores;
- performance assessment of quality algorithms;
- standardization of quality algorithms.
Resumen (francés):

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