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IEC 62272-1:2003

IEC 62272-1:2003

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) - Part 1: System specification

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) - Partie 1: Spécification du système

2003-03-19 /Anulada
Resumen (inglés):
Describes the frequency bands used for broadcasting below 30 MHz: Low frequency (LF) band - from 148,5 kHz to 283,5 kHz, in ITU Region 1 [1]* only; Medium frequency (MF) band - from 526,5 kHz to 1 606,5 kHz, in ITU Regions 1 [1] and 3 [1] and from 525 kHz to 1 705 kHz in ITU Region 2 [1]; High frequency (HF) bands - a set of individual broadcasting bands in the frequency range 2,3 MHz to 27 MHz, generally available on a Worldwide basis. These bands offer unique propagation capabilities that permit the achievement of: Large coverage areas, whose size and location may be dependent upon the time of day, season of the year or period in the (approximately) 11 year sunspot cycle; Portable and mobile reception with relatively little impairment caused by the environment surrounding the receiver.
Resumen (francés):
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